To invest

Simply invest directly in the real economy

Discover great projects

Projects are preselected for you, and need to go through a rigourous process and due diligence

Select your investment

This is a very important process where any investment should be put into perspective with your personal needs and aspirations

Share the success

By becoming a sharholder in a business you get a share of the profits and losses and much more if you wish to

Currently available for Swiss and European investors

Minimum investment: CHF 1’000.-


To get access to more information about the projects on the platform

Upload your documents

This is a prerequisit in order to be authorsied to invest

Account Validation

From now on you’re all good to invest in great projects

Projects that make it on the platform have all gone through the following selection process

Companies submit their business plan and pitch for their project
If the project is considered an interesting investment, we proceed a thorough analysis and due diligence
Projects get a validation from a multidisciplinary committee. The aim being to raise and solve as many issues before considering putting the fund raising online. If the project is not validated, it will not make it to the platform.
Some further checks are made and work is done on the preparation of the campaign.
Once all checks out and is ready according to our pre-established standards, the rpoject is put online.

Investor protection is paramount

Investing in startups or small and medium enterprises (SME’s) bares risks. Our team of experts does it’s best to protect investors’ interests and make sure they will participate to the success of companies they invest in.


We have risk assessed the information currently available and verify that it is clearly stated.

The administrative side has been simplified as much as it could and we remain a witness to the transactions.


Security, your data is encrypted and stays in Switzerland. You will transfer your funds and they will be held in an escrow account at a Swiss bank.


A strong emphasis is put on the alignment of the interests of all involved stakeholders. We invest by your side in all projects that manage to raise funds on the platform.

We propose a participative collaboration with entrepreneurs, where everyone can contribute by sharing their experiences, point of views, help in anyway and follow the evolution of the projects. This provides a continuous exchange of information all along this entrepreneurial adventure.

The aim, there again, being to align the closest to your interests.