What is Beedoo?

A Swiss based fundraising platform for Entrepreneurs and Investors looking for more than just finance.

We here to facilitate the relation between them and provide a positive environment to make it a success for all parties involved.

Beedoo proposes entrepreneurs a platform to raise funds, raise awareness, and sometimes get market validation and real demand.

We propose investors a direct access to the real economy to become investors with a purpose.

Our aim is to help people become what they want to be while doing what they like to do, which is the best way to do it well.

Are investment proposed by the platform safe?

No. There are risks, notably of full loss of capital, liquidity, rarity of dividends as well as risks of dilution. For more details, please refer to the Risk Warning.

What to do before investing?

Exactly what you are doing, reading the FAQ, checking the Guides and basically educating yourself at what this is all about.

Then make your own assessment of the projects/companies presented on the platform specifically in terms of risk returns in relating to your own situation. For more details on that please refer to the Risk Warning.

Why do I need to register?

This is required to get access to information about the projects/companies as we need to make sure you agree with our terms and conditions as well as understand the risks involved.

Why invest in projects/businesses proposed by the platform?

Because investing in these businesses is investing in the real economy, the life and blood of what makes the economy of a region, a country.

By doing so, you invest with purpose and can be part of their entrepreneurial adventure, and if things go well, share their success, emotionally as well as financially.

The projects/enterprises proposed by the platform have all been preselected by us and we’ve tried as much as we can to select them well with the information available to us at the time they are put on the platform. However, big risks remain and we can’t offer any guarantee whatsoever with regards to their future success and returns. Therefore, you should refer to the Risk Warning for further details.

What will be the funds received by the businesses be used for?

Generally speaking, funds will be used to improve, grow, developed or even sometimes create businesses. However, the specific use for each project can be found in the offering prospectus where it should be clearly stated.

How secure is my data?

For more general information you can read our Privacy Policy

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