The different steps are:

Submit your project

Send us an effective pitch in which ever form you see fit (video, text, marketing material…) we respond with a first assessment within 72 working hours.

Due diligence

If your venture is deemed suitable to raise funds on our platform. We will perform a due diligence to assess more precisely the financial case, strategy as well as statutory compliance.

Validation by a multidisciplinary committee

Final validation for publishing your project online will be delivered from a multidisciplinary committee. This committee will represent the potential investor community as well as have at least one specialist in the project or enterprise domain.

Create the campaign

We will advise you on the ways to have an impact to raise funds. How best to manage storytelling to reach your target. Which tools use…

Contact Potential Investors

This will be the moment to raise awareness from all potential investors to reach your target.

We are here for you

For all stages of the process; when you raise funds, we will facilitate investors engagement via our platform and any other appropriate means. We are here to facilitate the fund raising process and manage all the administration process. At campaign completion, we will assist you with all legal compliance issues. After funding has been secured, we will continue to assist investors’ relations, remaining the main point of contact to facilitate involved parties integration.

Manage and grow your enterprise

When the funds are transferred to your company, you will be free to get back to what you do best which is manage and grow your business to make it thrive. You will engage your investor community to keep them updated on progress, get advice, feedback, ideas through a forum put at your disposal on the platform.


Flat fee for an assessment of the current situation and strategy implementation proposition.

Success fee, you only pay if fundraising is successful.

10% of the funds raised

No upfront, membership, or any other recurring fee, the success fee includes a minimum participation of 2% (of the 10% fee) of the platform in your company. Which means you will receive at the minimum 92% of the funds raised to your company’s account.


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