Real Investing

The missing piece to portfolios

Looking for more than just finance?

Want to participate in the real economy?

Wish to have an impact?

With some returns?

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We can help you find just that

Investing in the real economy and/or real assets could be part of the answer.

For people looking to make more with their savings.

We’re here to support YOU every step of the way.

More than 20 years managing risk and investing for others and us has given us a great opportunity to learn and be in a position to provide great/enlightening advice on investing.



And more precisely how to make YOUR MONEY work for you (rather than the opposite).

You want to know more?


Investing is all about



Setting your time horizon, your expectations and risk aversion.

Creating a diversified portfolio

Based on different proportions of standard asset classes, often composed of single lines, funds and sometimes ETF’s.

Managing your portfolio

Managing it based on market news, often creating reactions rather than proactive actions. And with sometimes hopefully some risk management included.

And Investing in the real economy is about

ESG Investing

Invest considering Environmental, Social and Governance characteristics to invest in a durable and responsible way.

Real Estate

Invest in a promotion and/or get an income generating asset for the longer term.

Impact Investing

Invest to make often good returns and a real difference, socially and/or environmentally generating a positive impact for all.

We clearly believe that a combination of all should be the way forward.



There is clearly no One Size Fits all solution

Simply Decide what Works For YOU

You want to get personal advice

Where we analyse your full current situation, discuss your objectives and constraints.

In order to propose you the best and most adapted solution to your personal and family needs.

You want to learn by yourself

We’re happy to provide you with some insight on this fascinating topic of investing.

And especially real investing where lot will be covered on different topics, so the best is to register to learn more.

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Looking for more than just finance ?

Want to participate in the real economy ?

Wish to have an impact ?

With some returns?

Search no more!

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