Over 20 Years in the Making to Real Investing

David Croisier, CFA

David Croisier, CFA

Founder & CEO

I have spent more than 20 years in the financial industry with a special focus on manging risks and investing for others and myself. This has allowed me to learn a lot of very important lessons which I am happy to share with you and/or advise you on.

I have come to some conclusions and try to put them to the best use possible. Like, when managing and investing one needs to align the interests of all stakeholders. And nothing makes you prouder than to see the actual effects of what you do, and invest in too.

Selecting the right investments for you lets you sleep much better at night, and this is extremely important for one’s health and future wealth.

Real Investing, pretty sums it all up.

The different solutions proposed are the current best I could find on the market. I am always looking for improved and more efficient ways to invest directly and in line with ones values. Thanks to technologies I expect new possibilities to be accessible soon and will be happy to share them going forward.

And for always, remember: You are what you make of it…


A Swiss based Real Investing platform for Investors looking for more than just finance.


Propose the most direct and rewarding investments in line with your values.
Investing in the real economy to become investors with a purpose.


Help people become what they want to be by doing what they like to do with their investments and in their life.

Personal Advice

Where we analyse your full current situation, discuss your objectives and constraints.

In order to propose you the best and most adapted solution to your personal and family needs.


We’re happy to provide you with some insight on this fascinating topic of investing.

And especially real investing where lot will be covered on different topics, so the best is to register to learn more.



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